Exterior Detailing

Brief Overview

Detailing is a lot more than a normal car wash and involves a number of stages that include decontaminating, rejuvenating, and the protection of different surfaces on the vehicle to achieve a show car finish.

When it comes to our detailing work we treat every vehicle as if it was our own. We ensure the time is taken to achieve the perfect finish using only the best materials and products available, ultimately ending with a finish and protection that can last years.


Available Services

Hand Wash

2-4 Hours – Starting at $89.99

Headlamp Restoration

Remove the Haziness from your headlights

Claybar Treatment

Contaminate Removal

Wheel Polishing and Repair

Chrome Wheel Polishing and Alloy Wheel Repair

Paint Correction

Swirl Marks and Imperfection Removal

Protective Film

Wrap your car in a clear protective film


Shine Restoration and Deep Finish

Rock Chip Repair

Hide your rock chips.

Paint Coatings

CQuartz Finest and CQuartz UK

Convertible Top Cleansing

Keep your convertible top clean and protected.

and more...

We understand that not everyone is trying to achieve a showcar finish with their vehicles, which is why we are able to offer a varying level of correction with our details. Want your paint cleaned up and protected? We can do that. Want a one-step paint correction to remove unsightly swirls but a few random deep scratches don’t bother you? Not a problem. Want your paintwork to be utterly flawless? We’re the shop for you.

We value our time and services and charge accordingly. If you have a specific budget in mind, we will absolutely tailor our services to fit what you’re looking for. Keep in mind that like every other business, our prices are our prices. We don’t haggle or cut deals, but we are fair and honest in every aspect of our busine

We value customer relationships. Your car is important to you, and we understand that you want to pamper it. Any questions or concerns as far as maintenance or products or techniques we will be more than happy to help with. We sell the same products that we use, and we can set up a routine maintenance plan to keep your vehicle in perfect condition.